About ESPAIR™ ......

ESPAIR™ has been servicing the commercial kitchen ventilation, IAQ and Industrial ventilation market since 1995. Our portfolio contains a long, long list of fully satisfied customers & end-users; a legacy which provides us with a reputation that is second to none. From the largest to the smallest of projects, no effort is spared in finding the right solution to customer’s ventilation problem.

Since its inception, ESPAIR™ has built its reputation upon a team of the industry’s most experienced people, with a combined knowledge far surpassing that of our competitors. It is this intimate understanding of the product, the industry & our focus on customer service, which has seen us grow into the market leading supplier of Commercial & Industrial ventilation Systems based on “Electrostatic Precipitation”.

Espair™ has developed most sophisticated and state-of-the-art technology based on Electrostatic Precipitation for filtration and elimination of pollutants like mist, dust, smoke, fumes, microbes, etc. to ensure environment-friendly, healthy and wholesome surroundings.

Espair™ adopts a holistic approach towards the customer's problem and comes out with the perfect solution after a careful study,research and development. These solutions are most effective at the same time affordable with the advanced technology of Electrostatic Precipitation. Espair™ is all the time striving for product development and refinement for improved solutions.

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