CNC Machine Tools like high-speed milling and grinding machines, while in operation have a lot of cutting heat result in vaporization of lubricating and cooling cutting fluid, causing a large amount of oil mist containing toxic harmful components like PCBs and hence pose a serious threat to workers health.

Since CNC machines are usually installed in re-circulatory air-conditioned environment oil mist concentration keeps on multiplying and remain in suspension. Oil mist, smoke and fumes give rise to dirt, unpleasant odors, skin and eye irritation, respiratory diseases, etc. result inill health effects, lowers efficiency and ultimately, the machine shop productivity.

Besides polluting the shop environment, oil mist particles and dust continuously get deposited on the machine controls, PCBs, microprocessors, optical instruments etc. lead to component damage, malfunctioning of the machines, repeated breakdowns.

Oil mists also get deposited on cooling coils of air-conditioners or other heat exchanging equipment and adversely affect their efficiency.

ESPAIR™ Mist Collector is specially designed for CNC Machine Oil Mist collection and being widely used for Gear cutting, Gear grinding, Hobbing, Centerless grinders, 5-Axis grinding Tool & cutter grinding machines, Screw machines, Induction hardening, Induction heating, Oil quenching in heat treatment, EDMs, Thread grinding machines etc.

Oil Mist and fumes are sucked in by in built fan from Machine and drawn into Prefilter and electrostatic filter. After purification air comes out into the work environment.

It is very light and handy and can be mount over CNC Machine with convenience. For odor control optional Activated Carbon filters are also provided.