The Espair™ Smoke Eater KET Series is ideal for the removal of grease and smoke from commercial cooking applications. It uses electrostatic precipitator (ESP) technology to remove grease and smoke from cooking processes for cleaner air. So, there is no need for costly filter replacements—just routine service cleanings are required.

Also in conjunction with optional “ODOR REMOVER” Adsorber Module helps treat nuisance odors in the form of gaseous emissions.The modular design of the KET Series allows for multiple filtration configurations, while optional “AUTOKLEEN” an automated, integral water-wash system facilitates in-place cleaning of the electrostatic precipitator (ESP) filters

Espair™ Smoke Eater KET Series can be programmed into a building maintenance system to operate and self-clean as required by business operations.

The Espair™ Smoke Eater KET Series is designed to be installed in the extraction duct of a commercial kitchen downstream of the extraction hood. Depending upon the total air volume to be handled multiple units can be arranged in parallel. And depending on the levels of grease and smoke, several units can be joined in series to create multi pass systems. The KET Series, designed with commercial kitchens in mind, features alow pressure drop and ensures efficient oil removal as solid or liquid aerosol.


ATwo Stage Electrostatic Precipitation Technology

Solid State, Pulse Width Modulating Power Supplies

Electrostatic Cells with Large Collecting area

Option available with wire or spiked ionizer

Epoxy/Polyester Powder Coated Finish

Very Low Pressure Drop

Very Low Power Consumption

Flexiblity in altering the Airflow direction for site adapdtability

Short circuit, arc protection and auto power restore for Power Pack

Auto Power cut-off for Electrical Panel Door


ODOR REMOVER -Adsorber Unit with Activated Carbon Trays for Odor removing.

AUTOKLEEN – Automatic Wash System. Water Wash Manifolds with Spray Nozzles (ESP Section)

ESPOZONE – UV Ozone System for Odour Control

Ansul® Fire Suppression Components to meet NFPA 96 Requirements


Electrostatic Precipitators include two parts : the charging and the collecting sections. In the charging section, the incoming smoke, grease, mist and other particulates pass by ionizer wires which impart a positive electrical charge to these contaminants. The positively charged contaminants are then drawn through the collection which contains a secondary electrical field with negatively charged aluminum plates. Since opposite charges attract, the positively charged contaminants collect on the negatively charged aluminum plates, removing them from the airstream.