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>>Design Guide - Improving Commercial Kitchen Ventilation System Performance >>ASHRAE JOURNAL 2006 Article - "If You Can’t Stand the Heat, It’s Time to Fix the Kitchen". >>Guidance on the Control of Odour and Noise from Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Systems -
>>Design Guide 1 - Improving Commercial Kitchen Ventilation System Performance Selecting & Sizing Exhaust Hoods >>ASHRAE JOURNAL 2009 Article - "Solving Kitchen Ventilation Problems" >>CPCB guidelines for Odor Management -
>>Design Guide 2 - Improving Commercial Kitchen Ventilation System Performance Optimizing Make Up Air >>ASHRAE JOURNAL 2012 Article - "Design Considerations for Commercial Kitchen Ventilation" >>Gas / Odor Adsorption Abilities for Various Materials -
>>Design Guide 3 - Improving Commercial Kitchen Ventilation System Performance Integrating Kitchen Exhaust Systems with Building HVAC >>ASHRAE JOURNAL 2002 Article - "New Rules for Kitchen Exhaust" - -
>>Design Guide 4 - Improving Commercial Kitchen Ventilation System Performance Optimizing Appliance Position and Hood Configuration >>ASHRAE JOURNAL 2007 Article - "Dedicated Outdoor Air System for Commercial Kitchen Ventilation" - -
>>Design Brief on Commercial Kitchen Ventilation >>ASHRAE JOURNAL 2012 Article -"Demand-Controlled Ventilation For Commercial Kitchens" - -
>>Halton - Kitchen Design Guide >>ASHRAE JOURNAL 2013 Article - "Future of DCV for Commercial Kitchens" - -
>>Greenheck - Kitchen Ventilation Systems - Application & Design Guide >>ASHRAE 90.1-2010 Kitchen Exhaust System Section-6.5.7
>>FCSI White Paper - Commercial Kitchen Ventilation - "Best Practice" Design and Specification Guidelines >>ASHRAE 189.1-2011 Section- >> HPAC Article - "Airborne Respiratory Diseases and Mechanical Systems for Control of Microbes" -
>>Design of Kitchen Exhaust System >>"Demand Control Ventilation for Commercial Kitchen Hoods" by Southern California Edison" >>Indoor Air Quality Guide -
>>Extract & Cleaning of Contaminated Air in Commercial Kitchens - Ultraviolet Technology - Bachelor’s thesis >>Development of a Draft Method of Test for Determining Grease Removal Efficiencies - Final Report - ASHRAE 1151-RP >>TiO2 particles - Fundamentals and Applications as photocatalyst -
>>NIOSH Method 5026 for sampling C2Cl3F3 soluble mineral oil Mist >>Report on "Make-up Air Effects on Commercial Kitchen Exhaust System Performance" >>A Presentation on HVAC Air Filter -
>>DW/172 Specification - Heating & Ventilation Contractors' Association (HVCA) for Kitchen Ventilation Systems >>Fundamentals of Kitchen Ventilation by A. Bhatia - -
>>Supplemental Research to ASHRAE 1202-RP - "Effects of Range Top Diversity, Range Accessories, and Hood Dimensions on Commercial Kitchen Hood Performance". >>Presentation on Energy Efficiency for Commercial Kitchens - -
>>A Presentation - Advances in Commercial Kitchen Ventilation (CKV) by FSTC >>Fan Performance and Selection - -
>>ASHRAE JOURNAL 2003 Article - "Kitchen Hoods - Using Demand Ventilation" >>What is Static Pressure? - -
>>ASHRAE JOURNAL 2003-1 Article - "Predicting Energy Consumption" >>How to Read a Fan Curve? - -